Some lovely feedback – fanks!

One of the categories we plan to run in our “Best of 2009” next week is “Best Community Members” – a little gesture to thank the guys and gals who’ve been avid users and listeners on Mixcloud. In preparation for this, I got in touch with them all to get their top Cloudcast recommendations of 2009.

This email just landed in my inbox and made me smile. So I thought I’d share it with you…

MIXCLOUD has undoubtedly been my most favourite new thing of 09… bar of course my wife of six months. I’m fairly sure I have put everyone I meet onto the site with great results. Now.. asking me to pick my favourite cloudcast is like asking me which one of my parents I prefer. But, here goes!

Ghettoblast! by Silas Maximus on Mixcloud

It’s a near perfect depiction of border-smashing,  cross genre pollination humuor. One can expect this mix to appeal to a hugely wide demographic (which at the end of the day is the tune of the game). 193 tracks in 72 minutes. With Hip hop, Drum and Bass, 80’s Pop, 90’s accapella, Electro, ragga, grime half time and a whole array of other vibes thrown in for good measure.

Courtesy of Bryce Campbell, aka Stop the Blender – thanks B! check out his own Cloudcast below:

Voting for the Best of 2009 closes on Friday, so if you haven’t voted yet what ya waiting for? Get involved, join the party, invite your friends – click here to vote.

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