Return of the DJ Heroes…

Mixcloud has recently seen a resurgence of “turntablist” style DJs on our Cloud Radio plaftorm.
We have been graced by the presence of some high quality underground talent, including UK DMC, ITF and Scribble Jam title holders. We’d like to introduce you to them and their skills below, with a few interesting links thrown in for good measure.
First up is the Canada’s very own Skratch Bastid the three time Scribble Jam Champion, hailing from Halifax, Novascotia. This hard working cut master continues to improve his game and has been holding it down across the pond for a while now. Check some of his Hip-hop / Dance / Funk mixes below:
Next up is 2008 & 2009 DMC UK team Champion DJ Cable, coming all the way live from Essex, England. His mixes cross genres from Dubstep to Club all with a turntablists touch, we recently featured this one:
He also writes for – Check ’em out!
This year sees the 25th anniversary of the DMCs (Disco Mix Championships) so if you’re keen to learn more about the competitive side of the the art-form you can here.
Thirdly, H-BOMB, have posted up their tribute to the legendary X-Ecutioners Crew (Rob Swift, Roc Raida, Total Eclipse, and Mista Sinista) previously known as the X-men, a dominating DJ super crew from the early nineties. You can listen the Cloudcast tribute here:

Sadly, Roc Raida passed away early this year, you can get an idea of his solo skills when he defends his 1995 World DMC title below:
Obviously, this style of DJing is as much about the visual as the audio experience, but we are very much looking forward to hearing more creative, Cloudcasting Cut-Masters, come through the Clouds.
And with the recent release of the DJ Hero video game, developed by some good friends over at FreestyleGames, featuring some big name talent such as DJ YodaDJ Shadow and Z-trip, we think there is now a solid platform for lots of interesting new talent and content to emerge and be more widely exposed.
A great example would be DJ Z-Trips’ Obama Election Mix, recorded at a live gig the night before the 2008 US elections. We’d love to hear more of this kind of radio content up on Mixcloud, where Cloudcasters can leverage some of the really useful social sharing tools to help it reach a slightly wider audience, from the underground to the mainstream and vice-versa….?
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