Playing with the big kids

It’s very cool to see Mixcloud getting mentioned in the same breath as some of the big kids in the online streaming world.

In a story a few weeks ago on Paid Content about the syndication of music from the BBC, we spotted a nice quote from Martyn Davies:

“Davies named Spotify, MySpace, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and as examples of possible destinations [for syndication].”

Today the Independent, in their story about the launch of MySpace Music in the UK, stated:

“internet users have become used to streaming their music on a wide range of sites that includes Spotify, We7 and Mixcloud.”

What’s even cooler about this is that Spotify have raised in the order of $70m and We7 over $6m in funding to build their companies… whilst you could still describe us as a few guys in a warehouse eating Ramen soup to pay our bandwidth fees! As usual, big thanks to our great community.

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