Commercialising content?

Some of the Mixcloud team will be speaking on panels at a couple of interesting events over the next 2 weeks. Both are related to the ripe, relevant and challenging topic of monetising content online.

The first is being put on by the Radio Independents Group – a not-for-profit trade body that “represents the interests and needs of the UK’s independent radio production industry”.

On Monday 30th November, they are running an event entitled “Monetising Audio Content – the Way Forward”, in association with the Department for Culture, Media & Sport. The afternoon kicks off with an opening statement from Minister for Creative Industries, Siôn Simon, before getting stuck into some detailed discussions specifically around the BBC – current Terms of Trade and implications on revenue splits/commercialization for indie production companies, and opportunities available from the BBC Worldwide archive.

Nico from Mixcloud sits on the final panel, which talks about “the world beyond” – yes there is radio beyond the BBC! This panel addresses a topic that we at Mixcloud are particularly interested in – how to create a commercial marketplace around all this great, abundant content.

Click here to see more about this event.

Next up. The Westminster eForum on The future of content online – micropayments, digital delivery and disintermediation”. The Westminster eForum “aims to provide the premier environment for policy makers in Parliament, Whitehall and government agencies to engage with key stakeholders.”

Again this event attempts to address some of the difficult questions that we’re all asking – the changing role of the media monolith, the impact of the Internet as a distribution tool for media, how businesses are adapting to change, the role and relevance of territories in a multi-platform world, payment for content and much more.

Nikhil from Mixcloud will be on the panel that discusses “payment for content and freeconomics”. What are the business models of the future? How will they work in practice (overcoming the barriers)? How do we compete with free? And so on.

Click here for more information on this event.

Both these events are a great opportunity to air some of the key challenges of our industry in front of an audience who can influence at the highest level. Therefore we urge you to leave your thoughts, feedback, frustrations, ideas and rants in the comments section below so that we can represent the collective wisdom of our peers.

Also if you’re going to be attending either of the events and fancy sitting down for a chat, please get in touch or leave a comment below.

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