Twitface integration

“Tell it to the world!” That’s what we feel like doing when we create or discover great Cloudcasts on Mixcloud. And now we’ve made that process a little bit easier with our awesome (if we may say so!) new integration with Twitter and Facebook.

Here are the 3 simple steps you need to follow to link up your accounts:

1. Connect

Go to “my account” and click on the “social networks” tab.

Twitter: hit “connect” and you’ll be taken to a page to authorize Mixcloud to, well, connect with Twitter. In case you’re interested, it’s done using oauth which means no need to re-type your password – nice.

Facebook: similarly click on “connect with Facebook”, and the clever Facebook Connect will take you through all the necessary steps without even taking you away from Mixcloud. Aren’t those chaps at Facebook smart.

2. Preferences

Select your preferences of what you want Mixcloud to push onto your Facebook and Twitter feeds. You have the choice to select/de-select listens, comments, favourites and uploads. You can always go back to this later to change your preferences.

3. Go!

Do something on Mixcloud – listen, favourite, upload or comment (note your preferences above) – and watch it appear on your Twitter or Facebook walls – like magic!

One of our big objectives at Mixcloud is to help make radio more social, so this is an exciting new feature for us as it helps our awesome community share what they’re listening to with their friends outside of Mixcloud more easily.

We’ve already seen the likes of Erol Alkan, Mad Decent, Chris Coco and many more great DJs and presenters link up their social networks with Mixcloud… so what are you waiting for?

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