Hear us speak!

As fans of radio, we like to speak. And we’ve been doing a fair amount of it over the last couple of months.

Nico recently sat on the panel at an interesting event at the swanky Adams Street Private Members Club, organised by the lovely folk over at Open Thread Radio. A Podcast – or should I say Cloudcast – of the event is coming soon so we won’t say more for now.

Nikhil presented/demo’d Mixcloud to a packed Minibar – London’s biggest networking/social event for the digital/tech scene. Also presenting on the night were PicFog (who I managed to mishear as pigf**k!) and the awesome Mendeley. A great event, always packed with a variety of interesting folk… and it helps that there are free drinks to get the Friday going.

Finally Mat put on a great show at the First Tuesday event on “The Future of Cloud Computing” – we’ve been promised a video of his talk which we’ll post if/when it comes through.

Coming up over the next couple of months, Nikhil is speaking at the BPM conference/exhibition on an interesting panel about “The Future”! Takes place on Sunday 4th October in Birmingham.

Mat is definitely the Mixclouder with the biggest mouth! In November he’s flying out to San Fransisco to speak at a couple of awesome events. He’ll be at Business of Software, alongside some massive tech/business speakers such as Joel Spolsky, Ryan Carson, Paul Graham and Kathy Sierra and more stuff that we can announce later.

He’s also speaking closer to home at the next Facebook Developer Garage on 24th September if any of you are around.

Finally we’re excited that Mixcloud is presenting at the Guardian Tech Media Invest 100 event at the Emirates Stadium on 1st October (a list of the top 100 UK tech companies to invest in – pretty cool eh!).

Hopefully see some of you on the trail…

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