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Electronic music makeover

If you’re into electronic music, you might well be into Beatport.

As frustrating as it can be with its Flash heavy interface, Beatport has got to be the greatest service out there for us dance music fans to get our legal fix of digital niceness (if you think you know a better service, please speak now!).

So I was stoked to open my inbox today to find news of a Beatport makeover – “The New Beatport”, they call it. My wishes of a Flash-free Beatport were not granted, but I do like this promo site for their new features. Click the image below to check it out.


This is the taste of 2008. According to The Hype Machine.

We love what Anthony and the HypeM crew are doing. The data they have access to is very interesting – it’s what we like to call “wisdom of the experts”. The charts according to the tastemakers – the bloggers. It’s an idea that’s very close to our hearts.

Check out the Zeitgeist for an excellent run-down of the music of 2008 – not just for the selection but for an incredible execution. Great design and user interface, great sponsorships and collaborations (including Imeem who are offering free full album streams of the top 50 albums on the chart – wow!), and great promo strategy, with 10 of the top 50 released every day this week.

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