Webcaster fee developments


The US Congress has made some big headlines in the last few days. The proposed bill to remedy the current economic situation has grabbed a lot of attention, however another interesting development in the world of internet radio may have escaped the front pages.

Wired recently reported about the developments in webcaster fees for internet radio in the USA. The long running debate between the SoundExchange (the US copyright collection agency) and internet broadcasters like Pandora and NPR looks as though it is finally moving forward.

Congress has passed a bill stating that the current fees are open to revision, and with the RIAA and SoundExchange now recognising that their original proposed rates were too high, there seems to be a clear consensus to negotiate reasonable fees that would help all parties in the long run.

Although the economy may be going through hard times, it looks like internet radio may have a bright future.

I couldn’t leave you without a mix, so here’s one of my favourites from the last couple of months courtesy of the excellent Shilo – We make it good series, featuring Chris Devlin from Spank Rock. It starts of kind of slow, but builds well.


Devlin – We Make It Good

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