Help us put together an Autumn Playlist


Mixclouders, Eventbrite are putting together their first ever London Autumn Guide and we need your help to curate a special playlist of mixes and podcasts that make you reminisce the Autumn months.

Eventbrite are an events service that “brings the world together through live experiences” and have asked us if our community of beloved music fans would like to contribute to the Autumn Playlist.

Think long and hard about what Autumn means to you and send your selected Cloudcasts from Mixcloud to alongside a couple sentences highlighting the reasons behind your choice.

If successful – you’ll see your selection appear in the Eventbrite London Autumn Guide which will be consumed by 40K people both online and physical print.

Two new APIs launched today

New APIs Launched

Today we’ve launched two additions to the Mixcloud API: editing of upload metadata and a Widget Javascript API and we’re looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

First up: editing. For a while now it has been possible to upload via our API ( but you have only been able to make changes through the website. Now it is possible to change the picture, name, description, tracklist and tags for an upload (whether it was uploaded using the API or not). Check out the documentation here:

We’ve also launched a new Widget Javascript API. This is a small javascript library that you can add to your page that will enable you to control the widget – you may want to use this to have additional player controls on your page, or to make a mash up with widgets from other services. The documentation can be found here

Introducing Mixcloud PRO accounts


We’re happy to announce a brand new subscription package, welcome to Mixcloud PRO.

Upgrading to the new PRO account will give DJs and radio presenters access to a sophisticated analytics dashboard showing a breakdown of their audience size, source and location.

Advanced publishing tools unlocked include comment control and scheduled uploads, whilst the new “engagement graphs” reveal to content creators for the first time where their listeners are dropping off.

Sign up to Mixcloud PRO HERE.

Analytics Screenshot 2

Engagement Graph

LDBK’s 5 years on Mixcloud


Here at Mixcloud, we love a good old success story and LaidBack Radio (LDBK) come with one of the most inspiring…

In 2009, LDBK explored the internet in search of the right platform to legally host their radio shows, mixes and podcasts. Thankfully, they called Mixcloud their home and five years on, their profile has grown from zero to over 100,000 followers and nearly 4,000,000 plays!

A collection of over 550 mixes, some of which are curated by special guest DJ’s have helped sprout LDBK into one of the most forward-thinking, experimental and evolving brands in online radio. As cliched as this may sound, LDBK have only reached the stage they are at by hard work, dedication but more importantly, a passion for radio which is ever present in each and every one of their shows.

We want to congratulate LDBK Radio on their successful five years at Mixcloud. Here’s to the next five! 

Mr. Comb - 72 by Ldbk on Mixcloud

Mixcloud Tips Series: 4 Simple Ways to Share Your Mixes on Social Media

mixcloud tips: promotion


Be sure to include the Twitter handles of any partners involved. Use Bitly links to help monitor traffic – it’s a very useful analytics tool.


We suggest you make use of adding a compelling image with links. Ideally, use the Cloudcast URL to drive plays to your upload with just one click!


We recommend formatting your posts with an image, short description and an embedded Cloudcast – it looks really good on the Dashboard. Tags, don’t forget about the Tags. They’re a wonderful way for people to discover your posts – the right Tags will drive traffic to your Tumblr (always use the #Mixcloud tag along with #Music #DJ #Mix #Cloudcast).


You know you can embed your Cloudcast to WordPress? We’ve got a neat little Cloudcast Widget you can embed into any of your posts. Simply go to the desired Cloudcast, go to ‘Share’ and then click on the ‘WordPress’ button and use the ‘WordPress Short Code’ – simple as that! More info here.

Written by Shivam Sukha

Introducing: Repost

Mixcloud Repost

  • We’re excited to announce that you can now Repost on Mixcloud, opening up new possibilities for discovery and sharing.

    If you’re listening to a particularly good mix, Podcast or radio show, click Repost to share it to your Profile Stream and your friends and followers’ Feeds – it’s like curating your own radio station!

  • Got a friend who always seems to find great new music? Follow them and other tastemakers to discover great new Cloudcasts for your listening pleasure.
  • Are you a DJ or presenter with a radio show or guest mixes on other Profiles? Now you can gather all of your content in one place and your fans can Repost your uploads to help you reach new listeners.

Clicking Repost on any piece of content will make it appear at the top of your stream. Don’t worry if you change your mind – you can remove a Repost at any time.

Why Repost?

  • Spread your content to a whole new audience
  • Combine your content from multiple profiles
  • Connect with similar Mixclouders and support each other
  • Become an expert curator and grow your audience

Repost is available today on the desktop website, mobile website, native apps and the widgets. Try it out now!