Our New Dashboard

Hello Mixclouders,

It’s been a good while since our last blog but we’re confident that this will be worth the wait. Today we are very pleased, excited, and downright hands-in-the-air-happy to announce the launch of Mixcloud’s brand new Dashboard!

Here at Mixcloud HQ we are passionate about helping our users personalise their listening experience, so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for them to find out what’s going on in their radio community. Now you can find all the activity of all the users you follow in one (beautiful) place. See what your friends are listening to and posting to Facebook, or check out what Moby listens to on a Tuesday.

But that’s not all: the Dashboard is also a one-stop shop to find your Groups, Playlists, Favorites, Uploads and (of course) the Hot List.

Log in to Mixcloud and check it out. And, as ever, do send us your feedback, either in the comments below, our support forum, or on Facebook. We aim to please you (yes, You!)

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