Technicolor Radio – Color Your Embeddable Widgets

We’re very pleased to bring you a new customizable Mixcloud Widget available in any colorway.

To customize your Widget, simply select your color from the color picker when embedding any Cloudcast, Profile, Playlist or Station.

Red Bull Thre3Style are using the new Widgets for the Thre3Style World Finals, held in Vancouver this week.

The Guardian are using the new customizable Widget to stream The Guardian Radio from their audio pages.

Go grab your own branded Widget now, they come in almost every color imaginable!

3 thoughts on “Technicolor Radio – Color Your Embeddable Widgets

  1. Hello Mixcloud .. Can you tell me ..?
    Why i can’t published my mixes on my facebook fan pages  ..?
    I cannot share my music with my friends .. it’s horrible …!
    Please tell me what i can do for sharing my stuffs .. 
    Thanks all the team .. SeeYaa ..!!

    • I think you could use that… link that is given for sharing on your mix’ website. My question is if there will be smaller and not so fancy embeddable player available (like soundcloud has the really small one) ? Would really improve sharing podcasts on website where they are supposed to be embedded but this huge shiny player tends to ruin the whole visual concept.

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