New Feature: Groups

We continue the steady stream of updates to Mixcloud with a brand new feature that we’ve been waiting to launch for a while… Groups!

Groups make it easier to share the music and radio you love with your friends on Mixcloud, helping the site become a more social, engaging and interesting place. Discovered an incredible Cloudcast by some lesser-known DJ from a country you’ve never even heard of? Share it with your friends on Groups. Found an amazing new track on YouTube that needs to be heard? Share it on Groups. Want to drive conversation before that killer party you’re throwing next weekend?…

(You guessed it…) Groups!

Getting started with Groups is an easy process. Go to to find new Groups and create your own. Choose whether you want your Group to be publicly visible or just for invited friends and who you want to give posting rights to. Add a description and a picture and voil√†… you’re all set!

Inviting your friends to your Group is a simple process via Mixcloud, Facebook or Twitter. Groups that you belong to also show up on your Profile page.

We want people to feel at home using Groups which means that you can share and embed whatever you want with whoever you want. Mixes, radio shows, songs, videos, YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo… they all have a place on Groups.

Here are some Groups that are already up and running. Join the conversation.

Laid Back Radio

Funk, Soul, Jazz Vinyl Junkies!

Space Invader Radio

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