Mixcloud X Serato Playlists integration

We’re stoked to announce a nifty little integration with Serato Playlists, when uploading a mix to Mixcloud, recorded using the Serato software.

When uploading/editing a Cloudcast, above the tracklist there’s a “serato.com playlist? click here” link where you can enter the URL to a serato playlist page, then click “get my playlist” and it will populate the tracklist (and timestamps).

A Mixcloud player link will also be generated on the corresponding Serato Playlist page too, as seen below. Happy days :)

Please let us know what you think about this feature in the comments below, and tell other Serato DJs you know about this cool link up!

10 thoughts on “Mixcloud X Serato Playlists integration

    • Hi DJMQNot quite, they are pretty accurate and taken from when the track is played – but not quite perfect, we'll be refining for sure!Thanks

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