Spread your sounds, our widget has no bounds

In our most recent blog post we announced some updates to the site that we’re really excited about. “Making Mixcloud more social” means that you can now discover new Cloudcasts and new people through people’s listening histories. Pretty cool.

But the update we’re most excited about is the lovely new Mixcloud widget. No more Zshare links on your MySpace page, no more dodgy downloads from failing file-sharing sites. The Mixcloud widget is all you need now to host your radio show or DJ mix and embed it across the web.

It’s very easy. Go to a Cloudcast page and click the embed button in the top right – this will pop up a little window where you can grab the embed code. Then just go anywhere where you have the ability to post the widget – your website, your blog, your Tumblr, your MySpace and so on. Facebook support coming soon.

You can also grab the embed code from the pop-out player or from any widgets embedded across the web by clicking on the same icon in the top right. See the screen below. Just copy the embed code at the bottom to clipboard.

If you’re using a platform like WordPress to run your blog/site, remember toclick on the “HTML” button before inserting the code – see below.

Now for the fun bit – some example widgets selected from our recent Cloudcasts…

Best Of Bubblers – A Brownswood Mixtape by Brownswood Recordings on Mixcloud

Play What They Like! by Heavysoulbrutha on Mixcloud

Roundup 001 by Data Transmission on Mixcloud

We’re very excited about some of the cool places that we’re already seeing the widget pop up. Chris Coco’s website, DJ Vadim’s MySpace, supercool music blog Fried My Little Brain, UK hip-hop supremo Suspect-Packages’ blog… and last but not least, the amazing Jig T’s website.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to spread the sounds.

43 thoughts on “Spread your sounds, our widget has no bounds

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  2. Would love to see a widget that lets you embed a profile rather than a single cloudcast, so that all (or a limited number of the latest) mixes can be access through a single embedded object.

  3. Hi. But is there anyway to embedd the whole channel? So that sites embedding the channel will get the newest show every time there is one, and dont have to come back and embedd show after show?

  4. I try to embed my mixclouds to my blog, but i only get the title and not the window? Is there any solution for this?Thanks

  5. I love the widget, which I use on the BeatConscious site, and the FB integration … but what about tracking plays via mobile devices? I have to say, it’s really gratifying to see the BeatConscious show “Bedroom Talk” rack up 35,000 plays in under one month on mix.dj, which counts/displays listens via mobile devices … versus the low low numbers on display here for the same show over the course of several months … Any plans to incorporate mobile device plays in the stats here?

  6. What about plays via mobile devices, and esp. seeing those plays in the count for each show? I have to say it’s gratifying to see the BeatConscious show “Bedroom Talk” rack up 35,000 plays in less than one month via mix.dj (which counts/displays mobile device plays) compared to the low low number of listens here on Mixcloud … any plans to incorporate mobile plays on the stats display here?

  7. Hi… for some reason i havent been able to embedd a widget that actually plays for a couple of weeks now – they just seem to be big links to the mixcloud site (they have the same square/uploaded pic but with no play button) – is this a known fault or a change to how the site works….. or maybe an issue with our channel (space invader radio). Thanks

  8. Love this player for my website. Thanks! Is it possible to remove the track title and artist from the top of the player? I have no problem with the Mixcloud logo in the corner, but I already have the other info on the cover art.


  9. Maybe I just don’t get it (that’s not impossible:) but can’t the player be integrated on facebook? The thumbnail of my mix looks so fancy with the play button on Tumblr… but on facebook you have to open open the whole mixcloud page to listen my stuff.
    Of course, Fb refuse HTML codes, but it’s possible with youtube or Soundcloud URL.


  10. I see that the embed code is using a flash player which unfortch doesnt work on mobile and tablet… and using the shortcode with wordpress is not working across all browsers and platforms… any idea on how I can embed the mixcloud shows into posts in such a way that it will work on mobile/tablets/full web version? thanks

  11. If you are having an issue with the embed code not working – (it just shows a blank div you right click and it says “movie not loaded”, and the links are displayed below)

    -there is a solution…
    go to the value attribute in the <param tag … it will look something like this 


    you need to add the http: so that it will look like this


    after you do that your problem should be solved

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